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Bownik is regarded as one of the most intriguing contemporary Polish artists. His works, filled with profound symbolism, often explore themes of loss and human curiosity, which leads to the destruction of what is beloved.

In his art, Bownik frequently flips familiar objects to uncover what has been lost. His "Rewers" project, where he photographed traditionally worn garments turned inside out in ethnographic museums, delves into the invisible side of the human material world. In the "Disassembly" series from 2012, the artist deconstructed flowers to give them a new form, addressing the concept of unrestrained human curiosity.

Studying photography and philosophy, Bownik often works from conceptual starting points. Although his works are often abstract, they are rooted in realistic observations. The artist employs a large-format analog camera, enabling precise rendering of every detail, even in abstract compositions.

Limited edition prints are available exclusively until December 21, 2023. Each print is produced with pigment inks on matte, cotton-based paper weighing 300 gsm, meeting museum standards for durability and exceptional image quality.

Title: Bownik, Collage

Size: 48x60cm

Paper: Pigment print on archival paper Moab Entrada 300 gsm

Additional Information: The artwork is sold unframed. If you wish to have it framed, please contact us. Signed by the artist.

Limited Edition

Each artwork bears a signature and is signed by the artist. For each piece, we inform how many copies will be available on the market. Limited editions can be purchased solo or in the noble framing proposed by us.

-> Artworks are printed on certified museum-grade paper.

-> Our limited editions are printed only on rag paper. 100% cotton from recycling, without optical brighteners or dangerous chemicals, paper weight usually around 300 gsm.

-> Exclusive due to their small edition.

-> Artworks prepared according to gallery and museum standards (yes, this means you can take them to any art auction in Poland or worldwide with confidence that the purchased piece will be classified as an original).

Delivery and Returns

-> Orders are shipped within 2-3 business days. In the case of framed works, we will contact you individually.
-> We deliver packages using trusted courier companies that guarantee timely delivery.
-> We use eco-friendly, paper-based packaging. Depending on the needs, we send works either rolled in a tube or flat. Framed works are packed in custom crates, ensuring their safety during transportation and facilitating storage.
-> The packaging we use for our products is durable and ideal for storage.
-> Before making a purchase, please carefully read the product description and view the photos. If for any reason the ordered product does not meet your expectations, please contact our customer service department. We will try to help resolve the issue.

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