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In his works, Kuba Łubniewski explores preserved situations. Sometimes the protagonist of the scenes he observes is a person, other times it is light, and sometimes it is simply a place. He owes the cinematic nature of his photographic gaze to his roots as a director and operator. The motto for his work is "Everywhere I see the frames". He notices interesting frames all around him and tries to capture them on the negative film. He works exclusively with analogue cameras, colour film and a 50mm lens. After pressing the shutter button, he never frames his shots afterwards. He lets them tell the story of the moment in which they were caught.

Title: Kuba Łubniewski

Size: 50x70cm, 100x70cm

Edition: 100

Paper: Pigment print on archival paper 

Additional Information: The artworks is sold unframed. If you would like it frames, please contact us.


We keep to the principle of not printing works in thousands of copies and oversaturating the market.

-> When choosing a poster, you are purchasing an unframed print.

-> Poster size is 50 × 70 cm or 100 × 70 cm.

-> Edition of 100 pieces.

-> We print on uncoated 200 gsm paper made of 100% alpha cellulose using the finest inks available on the market. This is our original idea, which refers to the tradition of posters and ensures a noble appearance with a touch of nostalgia. We like the vintage effect.

Poster Size:

Available formats are 50 × 70 cm and 100 × 70 cm. This allows you to better match the poster to the chosen interior or create a more interesting gallery. Regardless of the size, the price remains unchanged. The limit of available pieces also remains unchanged. This means that for each design, regardless of the size, we print only 100 pieces.

Delivery and Returns

-> Orders are shipped within 2-3 business days. In the case of framed works, we will contact you individually.
-> We deliver packages using trusted courier companies that guarantee timely delivery.
-> We use eco-friendly, paper-based packaging. Depending on the needs, we send works either rolled in a tube or flat. Framed works are packed in custom crates, ensuring their safety during transportation and facilitating storage.
-> The packaging we use for our products is durable and ideal for storage.
-> Before making a purchase, please carefully read the product description and view the photos. If for any reason the ordered product does not meet your expectations, please contact our customer service department. We will try to help resolve the issue.

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