Vienio - Banda Editions


Piotr Więcławski, also known as Vienio, is a man of many talents. He constantly expands the ways of his creative expression - rapper, singer, songwriter, director and radio journalist are just some of the labels that can be pinned at him. He made covers or logos back in his Molesta days, but it is in collage that he has found the freedom to express himself, which escapes rigid presumptions and leaves room for frivolity and attentiveness to the process. All of Vienio's collages are created in analogue form. Elements are cut out and then glued to each other and the background. Each piece is developed until the artist is convinced, both of the form and the expression that is revealed during the creative process. Only then does the collage becomes a totality and is fixed to the background permanently, with no possibility of re-intervention.